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Why are we doing Crowd Funding?

  1. We wanted to show lenders that there’s an interest in a multi-stadium in the southwest metro. As you can imagine, this also impacts the cost of financing.

How is the stadium funded?

  1. Local investors (round one).

  2. Crowdfunding stakeholders (round two).

  3. Traditional financing (round three).

What are the benefits of being a Founder?

  1. A limited-edition Founder Club baseball cap.

  2. An engraved brick veneer to be displayed on the stadium wall with other Founder Club members.

  3. The Founders Card is a reloadable card that is instantly loaded with a 15% matching credit to your investment. The card can be used for merchandise, food, and beverages at the stadium or online and never expires.

100% private funding as this is a for-profit business.

This advertisement is for informational purposes only. This offering is being made under the amendment to the Minnesota Securities Act (Minnesota Statutes, section 80A.461) and is directed at Minnesota residents only. All actual offers and sales will be made through the MNvest portal Silicon Prairie at https://metromillers.sppx.io. The Department of Commerce is the securities regulator in Minnesota. This advertisement is not the offer. Suggested Investment: $5,000 - Issue Type: Equity - Minimum Goal: $600,000 - Maximum Goal: $1,500,000